Types of loans

Types of loans

Structured Trade Finance

  • Loan for trading of commodities

  • Off balance sheet solutions

  • Purchase 5x your investment

Procurement Finance

  • Loan for commodity buying

  • Cost efficient Procurement service

  • Seamless cash management

States in India
Loan Disbursed

Case Study


A client bought maize at Rs. 1,250 per quintal by putting up Rs. 300 per quintal as margin and was able to sell at Rs. 1,500 per quintal in 3 months

  • minimum margin requirement

  • high return (Rs. 250 per quintal on an investment of Rs. 300 over 3 months)

  • off balance sheet funding

  • hassle free: all logistics executed by Origo


A client wanted to procure and store commodity at a location distant from their headquarters. Origo executed the procurement, stored and financed the commodity for the client

  • seller identification by Origo

  • all paperwork and storage done by Origo

  • competitive funding rate

  • hassle free: all logistics executed by Origo

More about Origo

Origo is India's fastest growing agri-fin tech company providing traders and agri processors with financing, trade and warehousing of agri commodities.

Origo has been in the business for the last 10 years and has managed assets worth Rs 800 billion (USD 12.4 billion) and operates warehouses with a capacity of 3.5 million MT over 12 states in India.

  • 168 Worth of Managed Assets
  • 20 States in India
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