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For small landholders forming the bulk of the farm sector in India, among the most critical constraints are poor output and credit market linkages and vulnerability to output price fluctuations. On the other hand, one of the biggest business risks facing commodity buyers is sourcing standardised quality produce on a sustainable basis. The economy suffers huge losses from wastages in the absence of an integrated supply chain. The lack of transparency and liquidity in commodity trade also results in higher prices for consumers.

Backed by extensive knowledge and expertise, Origo is addressing these challenges faced by sellers and buyers of commodities. We are focused on creating a transformational impact by de-risking the commodity economy and enhancing efficiency, transparency and integration in the supply chain, thereby making the market inclusive for small farmers.

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Enhancing farm livelihoods
  • Price information for market-based decisions to sow, store and sell
  • Capacity building for aggregation to enhance bargaining power
  • Facilities for storage, maintenance and preservation to reduce wastage and improve price realisation
  • Low-cost warehouse receipt financing for meeting working capital needs and addressing seasonality of income flows
  • Direct access to buyers for higher price realisation


Making commodities a secure lendable asset
  • Quality assurance with testing, gradation and certification
  • Maintenance and preservation for mitigating risk of value erosion
  • Audit and surveillance for safeguarding stock
  • Facilitation of market linkages between commodity owners and buyers

Processors, Traders, Food companies

Ensuring sustainability of supply
  • Customised timely procurement of commodities in the desired quantity and quality
  • Professional warehousing services for storage, maintenance and preservation
  • Risk mitigation through monitoring, auditing and regular surveillance of stored commodities