Responsible business

Code of ethical conduct: Origo is committed to act responsibly at all times as a custodian of stock owned by depositors and ensures all its employees undertake their work in accordance with its well-defined code of ethical conduct. We are committed to protecting all legitimate interests of our depositors and lenders with highest professional integrity. We are committed to being honest and ethical with all our business stakeholders.

Whistle Blower Policy: Origo has in place a mechanism to provide the right avenue to its employees to report any irregularity, unprofessionalism or misconduct which violate any legal or regulatory requirement or indicate unfair business practices by any other employee or employees without fear. The mechanism provides sufficient protection to such employees who act as 'whistle-blowers.' The mechanism also ensures employees adhere to their duty of maintaining confidentiality in the course of their work.

Equal opportunity employer: Origo is committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace that provides equal opportunity for hiring and growth to employees on the basis of merit without any discrimination towards gender, disability, race, religion, caste, ethnic origin, colour, sexual orientation, age and marital status. We have a no-tolerance approach to any matters of harassment for any such reasons, including a clear policy regarding sexual harassment at workplace.

Labour laws/human rights: Origo is compliant on all labour laws and statutory/ regulatory requirements of the country. We have a zero-tolerance towards any form of child labour in our operations.